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ottoneu stuff

Nov 6 '13

2013 FGPts League Power Rankings

I don’t have as much time this week as I wanted to spend on this post, but I did finish the power rankings sheet, so I figured I’d put up a quick one so you all could take a look.

See the original post for the “math” behind the rankings. Quick reminder: this is designed to be an indicator of how difficult a league was to win this season. Since ottoneu is a dynasty format, there are a lot of factors I haven’t considered in terms of a league’s long-term competitiveness. As I amass more seasons of data, I may look in to that kind of analysis.

Anyway, congratulations to last year’s 4th place league, Wins Above Figgins, who sit pretty at the top of the power rankings (and it’s not even close).

I’ve got a future post planned to look at the leagues that rose & fell from last year, as well as how newcomers fared. Also planning to look at what, if anything, distinguishes 2nd or 3rd year leagues from new ones.

Here are the power rankings. Enjoy!

Oct 11 '13

FGPts League Champion Miscellany, Part 2

Just a few more, in response to Dave’s comment in Part 1 & other suggestions/ideas:

  • Here is the full list of the 123 players owned by exactly one league champion.
  • Of the 1108 players owned in ottoneu FGPts leagues (as of 10/1), 484 of them were not owned by ANY league champions.
  • The most widely owned player not on any champion: Josh Reddick (owned in 60 of 70 leagues). Yonder Alonso (55/70) and Mike Olt (53/70) are next on the list. That means every player owned in more than 60 leagues was on at least one championship team.
  • The most expensive players (owned in more than 1 league) not on any league champions: Jesus Montero (21 leagues, avg. $12.71); Mark Teixeira (49 leagues, avg. $9.96).
  • In non-champion news, amusingly, Jose Batista (not a typo) was owned for $35 by team Prepare Yoenis… who scored zero points this season.

I’m currently working on matching up player scoring with the league/team data (ottoneu player IDs and FanGraphs player IDs are, bizarrely, not the same, so it’s taking a little bit of effort), so, more to come…

Oct 9 '13

FGPts League Champion Miscellany

Hope everyone is enjoying the MLB playoffs so far! Like I said below, lots in the pipeline here. I’m going to leave the meaty stuff like league power rankings until after real baseball is over - so sit tight!

For now, some fun facts and stats about the FanGraphs Points league champion teams. There were 70 FGPts leagues, with 841 total teams (no, I don’t know how one league has 13 owners) - all of this is about the 70 teams that won their respective leagues. Numbers in parentheses next to players indicates their average salary on first-place teams, then their average salary over all FGPts leagues.

  • Danny Farquhar ($4.20/$3.44) ended the season on the most champion teams - 20 league champs had him rostered on October 1. He was owned in 68 of the 70 leagues (all except Make WAR, Not Love and Mistress League).
  • Francisco Liriano ($2.37/$2.57), Adam Wainwright ($21.21/$20.74), Chris Davis ($4.58/$6.04), and Shin-Soo Choo ($21.74/$22.59) were on 19 first-place teams.
  • 123 players were owned by only one of the 70 league champs. Their average salary: $2.69. Highest: Pujols at $34, on Catz’s Cradle.
  • The Say Hey Kids finished with the highest P/G of champs at 5.97 over approximately 1890 GP (Cobras, an 8th place team with ~1695 GP finished with 6.03 P/G)
  • Bartender Jack (League 29 Edition) led both champs and overall in P/IP with 6.01 over 1468 IP. Molten Wang had 6 P/IP even, using all 1,500 innings.

Some scoring stat leaders:

Oct 2 '13


Lots to come on here now that the fantasy season is over. I’ll try to post *something* every week. We’ll definitely have points league power rankings, “one big league” 4x4 and 5x5 roto rankings, and plenty of fun (albeit mostly meaningless) tidbits about ottoneu teams & leagues from 2013.

Some good news: I was able to grab individual team salary and roster data (in addition to league standings) as of October 1, so I should be able to take a look at arbitration and keeper results, once those times roll around.

For now, just a quick list of the top 10 scoring teams from FanGraphs Points leagues:

  1. Bartender Jack (Eight Men Out): 20,008.6
  2. Molten Wang (A Whole Neu Ballgame): 19596.3
  3. Piedmont Boll Weevils (Screw Cancer): 19545.7
  4. Bartender Jack (backyard classics): 19476.1
  5. Bartender Jack (The Sandlot): 19447.8
  6. Bartender Jack (Black Dog Baseball): 19433.9
  7. Bartender Jack (Big Ten Challenge): 19369.5
  8. WAR Horse (Bull Durham League): 19355.8
  9. Portland Microbrewers (Dynasty Minds): 19223.2
  10. Nyjerz Wit Attitudes (UZR Friendly): 19214.9

Also, my new favorite team name (for now), at #29 overall with 18571.7 points: Yelich Bin Ein Marliner.

Sep 27 '13

Home Stretch!

Heading in to the weekend, 6 leagues to watch:

Fantasy Field of Dreams: Umpshow leads MEAN GREEN MACHINES by 84, but MGM only has 3.2 IP left to catch up.

Stats N@: Cuban Wrecking Crew is still in the lead over Grant Balfour Ragefest, currently by 102 points. Both teams can throw about 22 innings over the weekend.

Severnaya Bunker League: You’ve Been Friedman’d leads Utah-Jazz-Raptors by 47.7.

Wins Above Figgins: Clinkers over Koji Slap by 84.1 points.

Hall of Fame: Ninja Blacksox currently leads Buster Posey’s Loose Seals by 91.1.

Scholars and Gents: Adrian Peterson Fan Club, who has hit the IP limit, leads Old Ironsides (27 IPR) by 81.2.

Sep 25 '13

Close Races - Quick Update

After two days of scoring:

ottobros: As expected due to IP, Pottsville Crimson Tide overtook Big Timers and now leads by 102 points.

Stats N@: Cuban Wrecking Crew increased their lead over Grant Balfour Ragefest to 167.7. Third place Jim Eisenreich trails GBR by just 5.1.

PseudoHitters: I have a Crick in my neck extended their lead over The Bourn Subparmacy to 241.7 points.

Severnaya Bunker League: You’ve Been Friedman’d overtook Utah-Jazz-Raptors and now holds a 27 point lead.

Wins Above Figgins: Another lead change - Clinkers now leads Koji Slap by 85.1 points.

90% Of This Game Is 1/2 Mental: Great couple days for BigKnockers, who now sits in first with a 255.5 margin over The Bosch Brothers. The Jumpsteadies are another 11.5 behind.

Just Baseball Fans: Cybergenics extended their lead over Bushleague Avocados, up to 147.1 points.

Sep 23 '13

Close Races in the Last Week of Ottoneu (FGPts)

I got a request from my league’s commisioner to see if there were any close races in FanGraphs Points leagues - i.e. championships that could be decided by this last week of baseball.

Our own league has been pretty much locked up for at least the month of September, so it was interesting looking at the closer races, which I defined as within 100 points of the lead. That margin is admittedly generous, but it turned out to be a good cutoff, since the leagues that fit that criterion were also within 68 points before jumping up to about 140.

I found seven leagues with close races. Note the stats were pulled BEFORE the BAL/TBR game began, so these numbers could be a tad different upon reading. I also mention IP (a team with a ton left could have planned ahead and gathered some streamers for the week), but did not look in to whether any teams were approaching or had hit their positional game limits. Links included, if you want to follow these exciting ottoneu races!

ottobros: Big Timers leads Pottsville Crimson Tide by just 8.5 points, and has also hit his IP limit while the Tide has 33.2 to throw at him this week.

Stats N@: Cuban Wrecking Crew leads Grant Balfour Ragefest by 15.5 points. Both teams have over 45 IPR.

PseudoHitters: I have a Crick in my neck holds the largest lead of this group, 67.3 (33 IPR). In 2nd place is The Bourn Subparmacy (23 IP left), and a longshot 3rd place team, Warning Track Power, has unfortunately hit the IP limit.

Severnaya Bunker League: Utah-Jazz-Raptors (49.2 IPR) leads You’ve Been Friedman’d (50.1 IPR) by 20.2.

Wins Above Figgins: Koji Slap (4.1 IPR) holds a 37.7 point lead over Clinkers (64.2 IPR).

90% Of This Game Is 1/2 Mental: Another potential 3-way race here, with The Bosch Brothers (41.2 IPR) up 21.1 over BigKnockers (92 IPR!), with The Jumpsteadies (59.2 IPR) lingering at 81.6 back.

Just Baseball Fans: Cybergenics (76 IPR!) over Bushleague Avocados (14.1 IPR) by 23.6 points.

Here’s a spreadsheet with some of the data. Enjoy!

Aug 27 '13

FGpts League Power Rankings Update

Just a quick update before the trade deadline! Enjoy!

Jul 31 '13

Ryan Braun, One Week Later

Anyone reading this is WELL aware that the banhammer dropped on Braun last Monday afternoon in the form of a rest-of-the-season-hey-at-least-it’s-not-100-games suspension. Like most baseball fans, I’ve got a lot of opinions on the subject of “PED” and the MLB/Players relationship there - but this isn’t the space for that. The important question, really, is how did Ottoneu owners react?

As a very expensive (and very effective) player, Braun commanded a very large chunk of his owners’ payrolls: he was only priced below $40 in 3 of 69 FGPTS leagues (including the bizarre $15-happy league). Even an outright cut would guarantee $20-$30 cap space immediately cleared, with a later auction all but certain to recoup the rest. Trading him, especially for a contending team, seems like the best move - but what kind of value can an owner expect?

Chad Young did a brief analysis of Braun owners’ options on the day after the cut; here’s how the first week played out…

In 54 of the 69 FGPTS leagues, there has been no change in salary or ownership.

In 3 leagues, Braun was cut outright, and is not currently rostered or on the auction block:

  1. ottobros ($50) - cut outright on 7/29
  2. Stats N@ ($50) - cut on 7/22, auctioned for $37 on 7/26, then cut outright on 7/29.
  3. Bob Loblaw’s Law Ball ($46) - cut outright on 7/24

In the remaining 12 leagues, some kind of change occurred. There were 5 trades, 6 cuts followed by auctions, and one amusing team name change. The cuts/adds:

  1. The Sandlot ($49, $29)
  2. Scrotey Mcboogerballs ($58, $38)
  3. Cargill Tax ($53, $27) - interesting case here. Team Billy’s Disciples traded Braun to team Blue Jays, and the deal was finalized on 7/21, the day before Braun’s suspension! Blue Jays cut Braun that night (7/22), and he was subsequenly auctioned for $27. The winning team? Billy’s Disciples!
  4. Big Gulps, Huh? ($43, $33)
  5. >League Name Goes Here< ($55, $28)
  6. The Sandlot ($54, $35)

The 5 trades (I’ll leave analysis up to others):

  1. backyard classics - Braun ($45) for Pence ($27) and Correa ($3), no cap loan
  2. Eight Men Out - Braun ($52) for Pence ($23), no cap loan
  3. Wins Above Figgins - Braun ($46), BJ Upton ($16), and $16 for Bautista ($42)
  4. Big Ten Challenge - Braun ($33), A. Russell ($3), and $2 for W. Miley ($3) and H. Ramirez ($31)
  5. mummyball - Braun ($32), O. Taveras ($4), Swisher ($8), and Cingrani ($3) for Stanton ($26), no cap loan

Finally, in Little Big League, team Braun of an Era changed his name to Fraud of an Era. Braun is still on his team, for now (at $57).

Jul 23 '13

At The Break: Ottoneu FGPTS Leagues Notes

Some fun team stats from the break (a few games out of date right now):

Most Points: Bernoulli’s Lemniscate (12,644.8). Unfortunately, that’s having accumulated 1328.2 IP already, so they have no chance to stay on top the rest of the season.

Most HR: Catch Me If You Cain and eva marie saint thinks i’m hot, tied at 209. Both teams were in first place at the break (Catch has since fallen to 2nd).

Most HR Allowed: Papi’s Curse at 164 in 1259 IP.
Most HR/9 Allowed: Bitches & Buccos, at 1.4 HR/9 IP!

Highest Team Salary: Bartender Jack (League 100 edition), currently using $591 of $603 available cap dollars. About to receive another $29 in relief from a Braun deal.

Lowest Team Salary (> 0 pts): I Fought Keith Law and Law Won, with a $57 payroll.

Highest Paid Player: Mike Trout, $90, on Team Italy, who also owns Verlander at $61. Caress the Smoak Monster has the cheapest Trouter, at $14. How he avoided 2 seasons of arbitration must be an interesting story…

Largest Team: Ichiballs, with a whopping 10 players on the 60-day DL, has 50 roster spots filled.

Most of a Single Position: The Bomb Squad has 19 SP currently rostered.

Highest P/G: Catch Me If You Cain, at 6.34. It’s not an illusion, as they have accumulated over 4,300 AB.

Highest P/IP: 20,000 Puigs Under The Sea (1 Raft), at 6.11 (726.1 IP at the break). They have apparently since changed their name to “20,000 Cubans, 1 Cup, 1 Fister.”

Top 5 Teams At The Break according to Chad Young’s “adjusted standings” stat:

  1. Cobras (13.53808)
  2. Bartender Jack League 100 edition (13.35108)
  3. Piedmont Boll Weevils (13.33578)
  4. Bartender Jack League 288 edition (13.32696)
  5. Bartender Jack League 15 edition (13.3187)

Side note: the “Bartender Jack” teams owner actually owns 14 Ottoneu FGPTS teams, 3 of which were in first place (and 13 top 5 in their league) at the break. We’ll see what happens the rest of the season, but that’s quite a first half!